Conference recap: TCR 2011 @ Baylor University

My flight left Hartford at 6:30am on Friday, June 24, and landed in Dallas around 8:30am. While I was at the gate at the Dallas airport, I happened to run into Nancy Wong (UWisc-Madison). Nancy was the materialism track co-chair and I had met her briefly at the rooftop reception at the Marketing and Public Policy conference earlier in the month in Washington D.C. The two of us chatted for a bit with regard to the goals, expectations, and deliverables our track (and the others’) would be responsible for both during and following the conference. This third Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) conference followed a dialogical format, wherein we brought ourselves and our ideas and would develop papers out of that, in contrast with the traditional presentation format, wherein people bring (near finished) works for input and merely present them with the hope that, late in the research/review/revision process, they may get a nugget of valuable feedback.

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