No, it’s still your opinion. You’re not wholly wrong.

I’ve seen “NO, IT’S NOT YOUR OPINION. YOU’RE JUST WRONG” about 4 times today. It’s not wholly wrong, but it’s not complete either, falling partially victim to its own argument. Mr. Rouner doesn’t really demonstrate he has much background on attitudes or opinions, falling into the ignorance trap his argument stakes claim. First, the article makes limited […]

Facebook and the Rise of the Anti-Facebooks (#Ello and @joindiaspora)?

A social network has to provide value to its users and a new social network has to provide enough value to its users wherein “paying” the switching costs of adopting a new network is more valuable than maintaining the sunk costs invested in the current, critical mass network. We marketers are always looking for The Next Big Thing that yields the most ROMI; Ello and Diaspora media just aren’t disruptive enough to make a dent.

Violation Transportation and the GoDaddy “Perfect Match”

Last night’s Super Bowl featured an interesting ad, sponsored by GoDaddy, a perennial envelope pusher in what some may deem as mysogenistic advertising featured a :30 spot called “Perfect Match”.” In the ad, the “sexy side” (represented by Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli) and the “smart side” (represented by “Walter” (Jesse Heiman)) come together for […]